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Vision and Values

Our vision across The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation is to ensure we are highly successful schools at the heart of our community. We believe that every child is unique and every family is important to us. Everyone is valued and supported to achieve. We want each child to be successful academically, socially, emotionally & physically and be in receipt of meaningful learning experiences which, ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We aim for all children to develop a love of lifelong learning and be prepared for their next stage. Our community is important to us and we want children to learn that as individuals we are part of a greater whole in which our children play an active part. All learners feel represented within the school and the community and have opportunities to expand their horizons. At both schools, this is supported & facilitated by highly skilled adults who provide stimulating, exciting & safe learning environments & who nurture, care & educate.