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Vision and Values

Our vision across The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation is to ensure highly successful schools at the heart of our market town community. It is important to us that our children enjoy their learning and love to come to school. We are seeking to ensure confident, independent learners who are equipped with the skills they need to succeed throughout their school career. Whilst we seek to ensure high standards of literacy and numeracy through high quality teaching and learning, of equal importance to us is ensuring rich curriculum provision and a wide range of opportunities both within and beyond the school day to enable every child to have their chance to shine.


We aim to achieve this by:

  • Designing a curriculum which has relevance for our children by making their learning real
  • A creative approach to the curriculum which leads to high levels of enjoyment and results in highly motivated children with strong learning and conduct behaviours
  • Ensuring carefully planned activities which are designed to meet the needs of all our learners, so that they can demonstrate and develop their independence
  • Ensuring our planning makes cross curricular links in learning wherever possible so that children can apply the skills they are learning
  • Plan from children’s interests and prior knowledge where possible to promote curiosity, awe and wonder
  • Promote all of the above through high quality interactive learning environments which support and celebrate children’s achievement
  • Ensure children are well prepared for future transitions (into Albert Pye at year 3 and into High School at year 7) and are well prepared to be responsible citizens for the future.

British Values