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The school is currently closed. If you need to contact us during this time, please email or telephone the Albert Pye School on 01502 713420, during normal school hours. Thank you.


Current Arrangements for Admission to Reception 

If your child will be going into Reception next September and you would like them to attend our school, you will need to apply to Suffolk County Council. Please see further details by clicking the link below.

Current Arrangements for In-year Admission to Reception and Years 1 - 2

Parents who wish to transfer their child during the course of an academic year should contact the school office to obtain an In-year Admissions Application form, which should be submitted directly to the school. 


Please note that during 2018/19, the Suffolk County Council admission arrangements apply to all in-year applications.

Unsuccessful Applications

Should your application for a place at our school be unsuccessful, the school office will notify you of the procedure for lodging an appeal against that decision. All appeals are dealt with on our behalf by the Active Learning Trust. 

Further Information

Should you require any assistance with applying for a place at our school, please contact the school office on 01502 712367 or via email at