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Rosie has very much enjoyed exploring the colder weather this week. She has been searching all over the outdoor area to find pieces of ice! She was fascinated by the large pieces that I had put in our polar animal tray. “Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen ice this big, it must have been freezing to make it this big!” We talked about the temperature and I asked if Rosie knew what the temperature had to be to make the ground frosty? I explained that it had to be zero or lower to turn water into ice, “what’s minus, is that even more cold?” she asked? I explained that it was very cold indeed! We will carry on exploring cold weather next week and in more depth.


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Some of the children made a magic train yesterday and this inspired us to make train tickets so that we can go on the magic train too. Bear did a brilliant picture of a train “that me, mummy and Maya on there” he told me. I asked where he was going on the train, “at Christmas time we will see Santa” he said. I suggested that he add some writing to his ticket so that the ticket conductor knows where he wants to go. I showed Bear the train vocabulary words on the writing table and he used them to help write his ticket. Amazing writing Bear. Next time we will have a go at using Bear’s phonic knowledge to write some simple words.


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