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EYFS Philosophy and Pillars

Key Principles and Values

As part of the Active Learning Trust we contribute to and maintain the consistent principles and values set out in the Active Learning Trust EYFS Vision and Values document. Across our Early Years Provision there is a clear focus on the individual child, highly skilled adults and learning environments.

Our Aims:  

* to maintain our focus on the unique child and create respectful relationships with families, recognising that parents are their child’s first educator. 

* to provide adults who value and nurture children's curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world, giving time for their thought and  ideas, and value to their work, their conversations and their feelings across the learning environments.

* to recognise and value children's capabilities so that they develop confidence, independence and self-esteem to challenge and extend their thinking and learning, enabling children to maximise their potential and achieve success.

* to provide a well- planned, motivating and versatile learning environment, indoors and outdoors, which supports children as active learners, provoking their interest and enabling depth of learning.

To promote speech, language and communication opportunities to strengthen the ability to learn and articulate learning and thinking.

* to offer children a balance of child initiated and adult led provision that is relevant and challenging and which motivates and inspires.

* to offer children a wide range of learning experiences which acknowledge the diversity of learning styles and builds on their understanding and exploration of the world.

* to support the children in continuing to the next phase of their education with enthusiasm and confidence.

The EYFS Curriculum at The Albert Pye Primary School


 “It is as they play that children bring together everything they think about feel about and know of people and their lives as a whole. We could say that play co-ordinates a child’s learning. It helps children to make sense of what they learn.”

Tina Bruce, Tuning into Children


Curriculum Intent

To provide memorable and inspirational experiences, opportunities and teaching that will motivate and engage learners and build a life long love of learning.


To foster a love of reading through books and stories shared with children throughout the provision and at home.


To value and promote equality, equity and diversity, support an understanding of, and respect for, people, families and communities both familiar and unfamiliar to them.


To provide opportunities to play and learn outdoors, experiencing the space and freedom, engage in energetic, risky and adventurous play and care for the natural world. This provides children with an appreciation of ecological balance, environmental care and the need to live sustainable lives.