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Roy Lichtenstein - September 2021

The children in Class 2 have been learning all about the artist Roy Lichtenstein. They created their own portraits in the style of his artwork.


Victorian Day - July 2021

The children in Year 2 stepped back in time to experience a day in the life of a child in a Victorian school. They enjoyed a range of experiences allowing them to understand how life in a Victorian school was different to school today. 

Fraction Fun - June 2021

Year 2 learnt some karate actions to help them visualise the different fractions that they were learning. They then used this information, along with some smarties, to help work out fractions of given amounts. 


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Mini Monsters Experience - May 2021

The children in Class 2 had a fantastic time with Ed from Mini Monsters learning all about a variety of animals as part of our Jungle Topic. 

Spring Poems - April 2021

Have a read of Year 2's fantastic acrostic poems all about Spring. We decorated our poems by making tissue paper daffodils and origami tulips. 

Kerri Ambrosino - April 2021

As part of their learning on Spring, the children in Class 2 used Kerri Ambrosino's tree paintings as inspiration for their own Spring tree. 

The Easter Story

Class 2 have been learning all about the Easter story. They began by searching for clues hidden around the playground which then told them which parts of the Bible to read. Finally they made their own Easter gardens.


Model of Beccles - March 2021

As part of their learning on Beccles, the children in afternoon class 2, worked together to plan, design and make their own map of Beccles.

Obstacle Course - March 2021


Year 1 at Ravensmere did a fantastic job of building this obstacle course for Year 2 to have fun with at break time. #wellbeing #backtoschool




Beccles - March 2021


As part of their topic on Beccles, the children in Class 2 at Ravensmere enjoyed an afternoon with guest speaker Barry Darch, learning all about the history of Beccles. (image courtesy of Beccles and District Museum) #wellbeing #backtoschool



Butterfly Kiss - March 2021

The children in Year 2 read the story, Butterfly Kiss. They thought about the importance of showing kindness and what this would look like in practice. As part of their learning in maths they were then set the challenge of designing and making their own symmetrical butterflies. 

Inspirational People - March 2021

David Attenborough

As part of our learning on inspirational people, the children in Year 2 learnt all about David Attenborough. The children were challenged to make their own films in the style of David Attenborough. 


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Christmas Productions 2020

Healthy Eating - November 2020

As part of our topic on Food Glorious Food, the children designed and made their own healthy meals.

Guy Fawkes Year 2 - November 2020

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

The Story of Guy Fawkes - November 2020

Year 2 decided that they would like to act out the story of Guy Fawkes. They worked really well together to plan the script and identify which parts of the story to act out. 

Photos from our filming

Remember remember, the 5th November!

As part of their learning on Guy Fawkes, the children in Year 2 learnt this well-known rhyme.

Arcimboldo Artwork - November 2020

As part of our Food Glorious Food topic, the children in Year 2 designed and created their own fruit and vegetables faces in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. 

Fun in our reading garden - Autumn Term 1

This term we have been learning about farms through using our exciting new books to help. Our first book was 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' by Julia Donaldson. We acted out the story, dressed up, made scarecrows and read lots of different farm books including non-fiction.

Our next book was 'Farmer Duck' by Martin Waddell. Year 2 made their own Farmer Duck books and also acted out the story.

Autumn Term 1 Maths

This term we have been learning all about place value. We have learnt how to read and write numbers, how to order numbers and how to count in 10s, 2s and 5s. 

A visit to St Michael's Church - October 2020

As part of their learning on christenings, the children in Year 1 and 2 visited the church to learn more about what happens at a christening. Reverend Rich led a role-play christening with the children and explained some of the key symbols and meanings behind the importance of christenings.  

Autumn Artwork - October 2020

As part of their learning on autumn, the children in Class 2 used broccoli to create these amazing autumn tree pictures. 

Autumn trees using masking tape - October 2020

Autumn Poems - October 2020

As part of their learning on autumn, the children in Year 2 wrote their own poems. They began by performing autumn rhymes before planning their own poem. Have a read of our finished poems. 

Food Chains - October 2020

As part of our Food, Glorious Food topic, the children in Year 2 learnt all about food chains. They used this knowledge to then make their own food chains. 

Our Favourite Book Characters - September 2020

Year 2 discussed their favourite book characters and then painted them on canvases. Can you work out who the characters are?


Home Learning - 1st April 2020


Alana and Isabelle have been very busy doing lots of Home Learning. Well done girls! Please remember to send us pictures of your home learning through Twitter, Facebook or email



World Book Day - March 2020


A big thank you to everyone who provided costumes for the children for World Book Day, all the children looked absolutely fantastic!


Planetarium - January 2020


On Monday 27th January, the children at Ravensmere got to experience a show in the Planetarium as part of their learning on Space. The short film taught the children about the phases of the moon and the stars and constelations. 


The children really enjoyed the experience!


Space Station - January 2020


The children were excited to come in on Monday morning to discover a space station in their classroom. They have already had fun dressing up as astronauts and designing rockets, completing space logs and writing letters from space. 



Sports Festival - January 2020


The Year 2 children at Ravensmere were invited to take part in a KS1 Sports Festival at Pakefield High School. They had the opportunity to try out a range of activities including gymnastics, curling and target games. 




Abbeyfields - December 2019


The children in Year 2 visited Abbeyfields just before Christmas to share some of their favourite Christmas songs with them. The residents thoroughly enjoyed listening to, and joining in with their favourite songs.





Fire of London Tudor Houses - November 2019


As part of their topic on the Great Fire of London, the children have enjoyed designing and making their own Tudor houses.


They began by researching the features of Tudor houses before designing their own house. They then made their own Tudor houses using a range of tools and equipment.



Vegetable Soup - October 2019


This week the children in Miss Burch's afternoon class were set the challenge of making vegetable soup. They had to begin by digging up the vegetables that they had grown in their garden before washing and cutting the vegetables. All children had a sample of the soup and wrote down their thoughts on its taste.












The Fire Station - October 2019


Class 2 recently visited the Fire Station and we had lots of fun! 





Sunflowers - June 2019


As part of the Art's Week at Ravensmere, the children have been learning all about Vincent Van Gogh with a focus on his painting 'Sunflower's. Year 2 have recreated this with some beautiful paintings of their own.



Victorian Day - May 2019


On Tuesday 21st May, the children stepped back in time to experience what it would have been like as a child to go to school during the Victorian times. They were all given a Victorian name for the day and took part in a range of activities from arithmetic to observational drawing and then in the afternoon making peg dolls and spinning tops. The children followed the rules of a Victorian classroom for the day and even got to try gruel for their snack! The children absolutely loved the day and learnt so much through first hand experiences. A massive thank you to all of the parents for their support with organising the brilliant costumes.






Reading Cafe Victoria Sponges - May 2019







Gressenhall Visit - April 2019


On Monday 29th April, we took Year 1 and Year 2 to Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse as part of our topic on Victorians. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to experience what it was like to have lived in Victorian times. 




We're All Special

We worked really hard together as a school to produce this lovely display as part of our learning on everyone being different, but equally special. All children in the school then wrote down what made one of their friends special.


KS1 Social and Personal Festival - 9th January 2019

The children in Year 2 had a brilliant time at the KS1 Personal and Social Festival. They were able to participate in a range of activities, led by qualified instructors, designed to raise their enjoyment and engagement in physical activities.

A Little Bird Told Me

Year 2, along with the rest of the school, worked so hard to put on a brilliant production of A Little Bird Told Me. We were so proud of the way in which they learnt the songs, learnt their lines and spoke up so confidently and clearly during the performances. Well done everyone!


Hedgehog Cookies

To celebrate all that we had learnt about hedgehogs, Year 2 put their maths skills in to practise by making some yummy hedgehog cookies.


Exploring Beccles

As part of our topic on Beccles, Year 2 enjoyed a visit from a local historian who taught them all about Beccles in the past. We also enjoyed a walk around our local area, learning all about where we live.




Autumn Walk

To help them write their poems on autumn, Year 2 went for a walk looking for 'signs of spring'. They collected objects on the way to use to make autumn crowns.



Norwich Castle - March 2018


On Thursday 8th March, Ravensmere Infant School visited Norwich Castle as part of their learning on Castles.


We had a fantastic time meeting some of the residents of the castle and learning all about what life was like living in the castle.


The children had the opportunity to handle and explore various objects that were several hundred years old as well as having a go at making their own pennant. They also learnt what it was like to work in the castle and about the types of jobs that different people had.


We all had a brilliant day and have enjoyed bringing what we learnt on the trip back in to the classroom.





Light and Dark - January 2018


As part of their ongoing learning on space, Class 1 and Class 2 took part in  a morning of scientific investigations, including an experiment on  light and dark.


The children were encouraged to make predictions about which materials would best block the light.


They then tested their materials by making a den with each material and seeing which blocked most of the light.



Alien Crash Landing - 30th January 2018 


Ravensmere got a surprise this week as an alien spaceship crash landed in their playground!


The children approached the spaceship very carefully and listened to see if they could hear anything inside it.


They then cordoned off the area and made signs to let the aliens know they were welcome and not to be scared!




Alien Crash Landing

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