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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

What do Year 1 think about Ravensmere?

We asked the children in Year 1 to tell us what they thought about Ravensmere Infant School. This is what they had to say:

Marsh Pony Trail - March 2023

The children had a brilliant morning working with Grace Adams, a local artist, to create their own marsh ponies ready for the Beccles Art Fair on the 8th April. How many of our ponies will you be able to find on the Marsh Pony Trail? 

Ladies Afternoon Tea - March 2023

A huge thank you to the Friends of Ravensmere for organising such a lovely Ladies Tea event yesterday. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the cakes were certainly delicious!

Waveney Gym - March 2023

The children had a brilliant morning at the Waveney Gym. They took part in activities aimed at improving their co-ordination, balance, flexibility and general fitness. 

Inclusion Week - March 2023

As part of our Inclusion Week, the children in Year 1 joined in with an online British Sign Language lesson this morning and learnt how to sign different greetings and letters of the alphabet. They have also participated in an inclusive PE session which they thoroughly enjoyed. 

World Book Day - March 2023

The children at Ravensmere had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day. We especially enjoyed our Parent Share event in which we made bunting, bookmarks and enjoyed time outside in the reading garden. 

Mini Monsters - February 2023

To launch our Jungles topic, the children in Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Ed from Mini Monsters. Ed brought in some of his friends to meet the children and taught them lots of interesting facts about the different animals.

Playground Designers - February 2023

The children in Year 1 and 2 were set the challenge of improving our local play area by designing and making a new piece of play equipment. They worked in groups to research pieces of equipment at our local play area to see what they did and didn't like. Using this information, the children then worked together to design and make their own pieces of equipment using a variety of tools and materials. I'm sure you'd agree that their new pieces of equipment would be a lot of fun to play on!


Designing and making the play equipment

Finished products

Wonderful woodwork! - February 2023

The children enjoyed a workshop with Jason, who is a local musician, sculptor and poet. They watched Jason skilfully carve a spoon whilst learning all about the different types of wood and the skills needed to be a sculptor. The children were all very eager to ask questions and were clearly inspired by what they had seen and heard. 

The history of Beccles - February 2023

As part of their learning on Beccles, the children in Year 1 went on a brilliant guided tour of Beccles with Mr Darch. Not only is Mr Darch the Mayor of Beccles, he is also a local historian and so was able to teach the children so many fascinating facts about the town in which they live. The children then used this information to write their own information texts about Beccles as well as comparing Beccles today to Beccles in the past. 

Chinese New Year - January 2023

The children having been learning all about Chinese New Year and why it is the year of the rabbit. They created their own beautiful blossom trees, had a go at writing their names in Chinese, produced their own rabbit prints and even enjoyed some yummy Chinese cuisine.

Wassily Kandinsky - January 2023

The children in Year 1 have been learning all about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. They recapped on their learning of colour mixing from Reception before creating their own pieces of winter artwork in the style of Kandinsky.

Christmas at Ravensmere - December 2022

Santa Claus visits Year 1 - December 2022

Christmas Cafe - December 2022

As part of their topic, Food, Glorious Food, the children have been learning all about healthy and unhealthy food. They used this knowledge to plan and prepare their own delicious healthy salads. The children made invitations and posted these to their guests and then wrote a menu ready for our Christmas Cafe. We had lots of guests who visited the cafe and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy their delicious meals. 

A Little Bird Told Me - December 2022

The children at Ravensmere have been working hard on their production of 'A Little Bird Told Me'. We invited families and friends to school to watch our two performances. Everyone was so proud of how well the children sung, presented their lines and acted. They are all stars!

Hungate Christmas Tree Festival - November 2022

The whole school visited the Hungate Christmas Tree Festival to have a look at our school Christmas tree and all of the other trees that had been decorated. We met Deacon Linda who told us all about the Christmas story and also set us a treasure hunt which was lots of fun!

The Salvation Army - November 2022

We enjoyed a visit today from Harry who came into school to tell us all about the Salvation Army and what they do to help and support people. 

Where does our food come from?  November 2022

As part of our Food, Glorious Food topic, the children have been learning all about where their food comes from. They went on a walk to Tesco to look for foods that are grown in different countries. They then brought these items back to school to see if they could place them in the correct place on the world map. 

Autumn Parent Share - November 2022

As part of our autumn themed week, we were delighted to be able to invite our parents and carers into school to work alongside their children. Everybody had a fantastic afternoon enjoying a range of autumn crafts and activities. 

Autumn Walk - October 2022

The children in Year 1 enjoyed a walk in our local area looking for signs of autumn. They collected lots of autumn themed objects which they used to make autumn crowns. They're going to use what they have learnt about autumn to help them write autumn poems. 

The Enormous Turnip - October 2022

The children in Year 1 have been reading The Enormous Turnip. They were therefore shocked to discover that an enormous turnip had grown in our own vegetable garden. The children worked together to act out the story.

Our visit to St Michael's Church - October 2022

As part of their learning on what it means to belong, the children in Year 1 visited St Michael's Church and met Reverend Rich who taught them all about christenings. They helped Reverend Rich act out what happens during a christening service and were able to ask any questions that they had.  

Clinks Care Farm - October 2022

As part of our Food, Glorious Food topic, the children visited Clinks Care Farm. They had a brilliant time feeding the animals, learning about the crops and experiencing what life is like on a farm. 

Harvest - October 2022

As part of our learning on Harvest, the children in Year 1 had great fun following a recipe to make bread. They then used this experience to have a go at coming up with their own set of instructions for how to make bread.

Fruit Faces - September 2022

As part of our Food, Glorious Food topic, the children in Year 1 have been learning all about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was famous for creating imaginative portraits out of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. The children chose from a range of fruit and vegetables to design their own portraits in the style of Arcimboldo before having great fun making them. 

What a brilliant start to Year 1! - September 2022

We have had a great first couple of weeks settling in. We have thought all about ourselves and painted our portrait, labelled our body parts and started to learn about our senses.

In Literacy, we have read the book Rosie's Walk and have created a story map to retell the story. In Maths, we have been doing lots of number work to 20. We have been ordering numbers, matching the correct numbers to words and playing lots of number games. 

Enterprise Week - July 2022

As part of Enterprise Week, the children designed and made their own games and crafts to sell at our Summer Fete. They did a brilliant job of taking it in turns to run the different stalls. 

Anyone for ice-cream? July 2022

Ravensmere had a brilliant time on our trip to Great Yarmouth. We visited the Sea Life Centre, enjoyed fish and chips and ice-cream and then enjoyed some time on the beach and a paddle in the sea!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Paddling in the sea

Under the sea cookies - June 2022

As part of our maths learning on weight, the children in Class 2 made their own sea creature cookies. They had to work in groups to independently follow a recipe, weigh out their ingredients and then decorate their finished cookies.

National RSE Day - June 2022

The children in Year 1 had a brilliant day celebrating National RSE Day. As part of the day they took time to consider what makes them special and unique. 

Sports Day - June 2022

Well done to all of our children for a brilliant Sports Day and a big thank you to Mr McKenzie for all of his hard work in organising and running it!

Flag Ceremony

Under The Sea Performance - May 2022

As part of our 'Under the Sea' topic, the children worked with a local performing arts specialist to put together a short performance based on their ideas. We hope you enjoy the performance!


Click here to watch our performance

Arts Week - May 2022

This week, as part of Arts Week, the children have been busy making their creatures and characters ready for our Under the Sea performance. They cut the characters out of cardboard before using ultra-violet paints to paint them with so that they will glow in the dark for our performance. 

Angelfish Sculptures - May 2022

The children at Ravensmere enjoyed a brilliant day with Will from Chickenwired. They produced their own Angelfish sculptures out of chicken wire. The children had to use their fine-motor skills to cut, twist, bend and shape the wire before decorating the fish with tissue paper. 

Life In A Castle Film - May 2022

The children in Class 2 learnt all about the people who lived in a castle and what their roles were. They worked in pairs to research a given role and to write a script explaining what the role involved. We hope you enjoy our film.  

Who lived in a castle and what were their roles?

Motte and Bailey Model - May 2022

The children in Year 1 and 2 worked together to produce this amazing model of a Motte and Bailey castle. They were given the challenge of producing a model which could be displayed in Beccles library to share our learning with the wider community. As part of Design and Technology, they begun by designing their model before using wood and chicken wire to form a base for the castle. They learnt many new skills and techniques along the way including how to papier mache, saw wood and measure materials accurately.  

Digital Art - May 2022

As part of our Happily Ever After topic the children created their own digital art. They started by using a paint programme to draw their backgrounds before using ipads to take photos of each other dressed in chosen costumes. Once the backgrounds were removed from the photos, the children copied the photo into their painting to create their finished pictures. 

Easter Celebrations - April 2022

The children in Year 1 learnt all about the Easter story and why we celebrate Easter. They had great fun making their own Easter gardens.

Our Community Garden - March 2022

A group of children from Ravensmere visited a local garden centre to buy the fruit and vegetable plants for our school garden. We can't wait to get busy with planting these and watching them grow!

Bee-bot Challenge - March 2022

As part of our learning in maths around position and direction, the children had to input instructions into the Bee-bot to direct it from a given location to the dragon. 

Wear A Hat Day - March 2022

The children in Year 1 took part in 'Wear a Hat Day' to help raise awareness and support for the Brain Tumour Awareness Charity. As a school we raised a fantastic £48! Well done everyone! 

Waveney Gymnastics Club - March 2022

Year 1 had a brilliant time at Waveney Gymnastics Club. They worked hard on their jumping, balancing, rolling, climbing and bouncing skills. 

World Book Day - March 2022

Year 1 had a brilliant time celebrating World Book Day. They all looked amazing in their costumes and enjoyed sharing their favourite books with a friend. Some of the Year 1 children also had a go at using watercolours to paint their favourite book characters. 

Our Weather Reports- February 2022

The children used what they have learnt about weather to work in groups to write and produce their own weather forecasts for the United Kingdom. 

Chinese New Year - February 2022

The children at Ravensmere thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. They learnt about the origins of the celebration and how it is celebrated around the world. They tasted a range of Chinese food, learnt to write their names in Mandarin and enjoyed making several tiger themed crafts. 

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night - January 2022

As a school we have been learning all about Vincent van Gogh and have been looking at many of his well-known works, in particular his Starry Night paintings. Year 1 created their own Starry Night pictures by using a marbling technique to create the background and then using glitter to create the stars and swirls in the sky before finally using black paper to cut out silhouettes of chosen buildings in Beccles. 

The children also wrote their own poems based on the Starry Night painting. 

Fire Of London Diaries - December 2021

Having learnt about Samuel Pepys and his diary, the children in Year 1 wrote their own diaries as if they were there, experiencing The Great Fire of London. 

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel - December 2021

This year's Christmas production was Whoops-a-Daisy Angel. The children did a fantastic job of learning their lines and all of the songs and actions. Well done to all of our amazing children! 

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Fire of London Moving Pictures - December 2021

As part of their learning on The Fire of London, the children in Year 1 designed and made their own moving pictures. They learnt about different moving mechanisms such as levers, sliders, flaps, and pulleys and then decided which moving parts they would like to incorporate in their picture. 

Beccles Christmas Tree Festival - November 2021

As part of this year's Christmas Tree Festival in Beccles, the children at Ravensmere read the story 'The Christmas Pine' by Julia Donaldson. They then reflected on the importance of family, friends and community at not only Christmas time, but all year round. They used lots of skills to make their Christmas tree shaped decorations and the little felt people to wrap around the tree. 



The children then enjoyed a trip to Hungate Church to visit the Christmas Tree Festival and to see all of the other beautifully decorated trees.            

The Great Fire of London - November 2021

The children in Class 2 worked together to produce this display, showing what they had learnt and understood about The Great Fire of London. They used their computing skills to type up the main events of the story and used their art skills to make houses using a collage technique. 

London Tour Guides - November 2021

As part of their learning on London, the children in Class 2 used what they had learnt to make their own London Tour Guides. They worked in groups to choose their London landmarks and then write their own scripts.

Group 1

Group 2

Autumn - October 2021

Year 1 have been learning all about autumn. They went on an autumn walk, collecting materials along the way to make an autumn crown with. They then used their observations of autumn to help write their own autumn poems.  

Sandwich Instructions

The children have been working hard on making sandwiches. They firstly decided what would be a healthy sandwich and planned it. We then went on a trip to Tesco to buy the ingredients where we also used our money knowledge to pay the cashier with the correct amount. When we returned to school, we wrote instructions to make our healthy sandwiches and then made them. They were delicious, although some children said they didn't like the crusts!

Balance Bikes

Year 1 have been working with Mr McKenzie to develop their bike skills. There are some fantastic cyclists in the making!





Impressive Instructions - October 2021

As part of our learning on algorithms in Computing and instructional writing in Literacy, the children worked in pairs to give each other clear and precise instructions. They had to sit back to back, with one of the pair giving instructions to their partner as to how to build an identical model to their own. We even had to use our mathematical knowledge of directional language to help us. Look how well we did!

Tennis stars of the future - October 2021

The children at Ravensmere have been enjoying weekly lessons from a specialist tennis coach. They began by practising some basic ball control skills before moving on to mini games of tennis and learning how to score.

Postcards from Paddington - October 2021

The children in Class 2 have thoroughly enjoyed reading all about the adventures of Paddington. To link in with our learning around London, the children wrote their own postcards to Aunt Lucy writing in the role of Paddington. They then used their computing skills to draw the front of their postcards using a paint programme. 

School Council 2021 - September 2021

Today the children at Ravensmere elected their new School Councillors. Those children wishing to be on the School Council told everybody why they thought they would be a good representative for the school. The children then voted for who they wished to see on the School Council. 

Roy Lichtenstein - September 2021

The children in Class 2 have been learning all about the artist Roy Lichtenstein. They created their own portraits in the style of his artwork.

Time Capsules - September 2021

Class 2 have made their own time capsules. We used tape measures and scales to record different measurements on our body. At the end of the year, we will dig up our capsules to see how much we've grown and changed. 

Self-portraits - September 2021

As part of our learning all about ourselves, the children used mirrors to study their facial features carefully. They then sketched their portraits onto canvas before using acrylics to paint them. 


Victorian Day - July 2021

The children in Year 1 stepped back in time to experience a day in the life of a child in a Victorian school. They enjoyed a range of experiences allowing them to understand how life in a Victorian school was different to school today. 

Jungle Explorers - June 2021

As part of our learning on Jungles, the children in Year 1 have been using the internet to research facts about their chosen animals. 

Mini Monsters Experience - May 2021

The children in Class 2 had a fantastic time with Ed from Mini Monsters learning all about a variety of animals as part of our Jungle Topic. 

Spring Poems - April 2021

As part of their learning on Spring, the children in Class 1 wrote these beautiful Spring poems. 

Kerri Ambrosino - April 2021

As part of their learning on Spring, the children in Class 2 used Kerri Ambrosino's tree paintings as inspiration for their own Spring tree. 

The Easter Story - March 2021

Afternoon Class 2 have been learning all about the Easter story. They began by searching for clues hidden around the playground which then told them which parts of the Bible to read. Finally they made their own Easter gardens.

We're All Special

We worked really hard together as a school to produce this lovely display as part of our learning on everyone being different, but equally special. All children in the school then wrote down what made one of their friends special.