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Our Federation Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent


Enjoy Aspire Achieve


At the Albert Pye and Ravensmere Schools Federation, children are at the heart of all that we do. We believe that learning is most effective when based around real, meaningful experiences which actively engage our children and develop reflective thinkers. Across our federation, we plan and deliver a cross-curricular approach to learning which ensures that the core skills of reading, writing and maths are fully embedded throughout our curriculum. Skills and knowledge underpin all subject areas in order that learning experiences are sequenced in such a way that is both systematic and progressive.


Alongside our curriculum, we are passionate about raising the children’s awareness of cultural capital through the enrichment opportunities that we provide. We use our locality as a resource to promote a sense of belonging to our market town of Beccles and all that it has to offer. As a federation, we strive for an ethos of collaborative learning, valuing both parents and members of our local community as partners in learning.


Through our curriculum implementation, we empower our children to be responsible citizens and to make a positive contribution within their school environments, the wider world and understanding their place within it.


Our core curriculum values:


  • We deliver a curriculum which is both broad and balanced, fully recognising and celebrating the value of each subject area.


  • All staff promote a growth-mindset and have high expectations of achievement and independence for all of our children.


  • We aim to enthuse our children so that they develop a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge, whilst becoming resilient learners who can persevere.


  • Across our federation, we take a collaborative approach to the planning of our curriculum by taking every opportunity to respond to children’s interests and using pupil voice to inform our future planning.


  • Dialogic classrooms, with Oracy skills at their heart, are fundamental to ensuring our children are actively engaged in their learning and can confidently use and apply subject specific vocabulary. 


  • We promote a culture of curiosity through which children feel confident to pose questions and investigate, helping them to develop a sense of awe and wonder.


  • Children are actively encouraged to take risks and not be afraid to get things wrong. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and are an integral part of our learning.


  • Our curriculum nurtures life skills and attributes through the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. We place great importance on mental and physical well-being, providing a climate in which children feel safe and secure.


The Albert Pye and Ravensmere Super Learning Powers


Our children will display the following attributes to learning: