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Numbers 1 to 20 Year 1 - October 2019


Here are some photos of our Maths work on numbers 1 - 20!



Class 1 Counting in 5's - June 2018


We have been learning to count in 5's in Class 1.


We went outside and made fantastic number patterns.



3D Shape Hunt Class 1 - May 2018


Our class had great fun finding 3D shapes in our school. We even discovered that Mrs Bartrum's handbag was a cube!



2D Shapes Class 1 - May 2018


Class 1 had to sort 2D shapes into different attributes.  The children were brilliant at thinking of their own criteria.




We also had a 2D Monster Hunt. We went outside in the sunshine to locate various 2D monsters, we then had to name them and list their properties.



Medieval Banquet - March 2018


On Friday 16th March we celebrated the end of Maths week with a Medieval Banquet.


The shields were symmetrical and the place mats were based on regular patterns.


All the children also contributed to making the cakes and learnt how to weigh and add up the ingredients.


We had a fantastic afternoon and everyone had a great time!