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Mud Glorious Mud! Year 1 - October 2019


Here are some photos of our English work on Mud! 

Mrs Wishy Washy Year 1 - October 2019


Please have a look at some of our English work on the story of Mrs Wishy Washy!


Year 2 Sunflower Poems - June 2019


Here are just some of our Year 2's fabulous Sunflower poems.






Class 1 Under the Sea Glossary - June 2018


In English we chose six words and made an Under the Sea Glossary. It was tricky putting them in alphabetical order!





Class 1 Spring Poems - May 2018


Here are Class 1's finished Spring Poems.
















Reception Winter Topic - November 2017


Reception have been writing facts about winter.


Reception Owl Topic - November 2017


For one of their topics, Reception Class have been learning all about owls.



Reception Little Red Hen - November 2017


Reception have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen. They have been doing some writing to go with the story.



Weather Diary - Class 1 November 2017


We kept a diary for a week describing the weather forecast.


Samuel Pepys Diary - Class 1 November 2017


We pretended to be Samuel Pepys and write a page from his diary.


Firework Instructions - Class 1 November 2017


On 5th November we thought carefully about how to be safe. We learnt to use bullet points to write instructions.




Owl Patterns - Class 1 November 2017


We made an owl from pattern blocks and wrote about how we made them.


Owl Babies Setting - Class 1 November 2017


We used adjectives to describe 'Owl Babies' setting and for greater depth we used  a Thesaurus!



Autumn Poems - Class 1 November 2017


We used our senses and imagination after an 'Autumn Walk' to write some wonderful Autumn Poems.


Silver Pen - Class 1 November 2017


We looked carefully at owls and used a silver pen to write our favourite sentences from 'Owl Babies'.



Speech Bubbles - Class 1 November 2017


We wrote speech bubbles for our 'Owl Babies'.