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Latest Health Club News - January 2018


The next group of Health Ambassadors are ready to go out and spread their new found healthy knowledge. We have sugar scanned, painted mindfulness rocks, studied macronutrients made healthy wraps, wore our smoothie moustaches and looked at healthy lunchboxes.


The children at both Ravensmere and Albert Pye have had a great enthusiasm this term, well done to you all!


Things to come later this year in health club…….


Fitbit Challenge the Teachers and new Health Ambassador bands to wear as you complete your sessions. #makinghealthychoices


Thursday 23rd November 2017


Ravensmere Health Club was alive with chopping fruit and chatting about the new things we had tasted this week.


Today we were looking at sleep, we filled in a sleep sheet so we could see what time we went to bed and what time we got up. We talked about how many hours is a healthy amount to have per night.


We discussed the blue light in our brains that turns on when we look at ipads/tv/computers so our brains blue light doesn't switch on so much!


"It was like looking through sunglasses".


We were all very tired after a busy Health Club and challenged ourselves to see how many hours sleep we could get that night.



Health Club Seaside Trip


On Wednesday 24th May, Health Club finished our sessions with a fun afternoon.


We boarded the mini bus and headed to Pakefield beach. Here we set up camp, windbreaks secure, kites made and buckets ready for use We had a brilliant afternoon building sandcastles and flying kites in the strong wind. We finished playing rounders, Mr McKenzie’s team vs Mrs Chambers team…….we think it was a draw!


Fun, laughter, sea, sand and exercise, cannot wait to do it again soon!