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Light and Dark - January 2018


As part of their ongoing learning on space, Class 1 and Class 2 took part in  a morning of scientific investigations, including an experiment on  light and dark.


The children were encouraged to make predictions about which materials would best block the light.


They then tested their materials by making a den with each material and seeing which blocked most of the light.



Alien Crash Landing - 30th January 2018 


Ravensmere got a surprise this week as an alien spaceship crash landed in their playground!


The children approached the spaceship very carefully and listened to see if they could hear anything inside it.


They then cordoned off the area and made signs to let the aliens know they were welcome and not to be scared!




Alien Crash Landing

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The Tiger Who Came to Tea - 30th November 2017


On 30th November Class 1 and Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the Norwich Playhouse to see a production of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.


All the children had a lovely time and really enjoyed the production!



Firework Share Morning - November 2017


Here are some photos and videos of Class 2 on our Firework Share morning.






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London Landmarks - November 2017


The children were set the challenge of building a selection of London landmarks using a construction of their choice and then had to use maps to build the city.


They all did a great job and the results were amazing!


Marshmallow Constructions - Autumn 2017


Earlier this term, Class 2 were given the task of constructing a building using marshmallows and spaghetti to show that they could use one of their Super Learning Powers - Perseverance!



Autumn Poems - October 2017


In English, Ravensmere Class 1 and Class 2 have been writing Autumn Poems. We went on an Autumn walk to get some inspiration for our poems. We used our senses to describe the signs of Autumn, we also had an Autumn spotter sheet and made Autumn crowns.


When we came back to school we worked in pairs to think of some fantastic adjectives to describe Autumn.


We then wrote individual poems for our display. And performed them in from of the class.




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The Story of the Little Red Hen - September 2017


Class 2 have been looking at the story of the Little Red Hen. They then baked bread using Maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients.




Kandinsky - September 2017


We have been looking at the artist Kandinsky and concentric circles. Class 2 decided to do their own concentric circle artwork using tie dye!






Fire Station Visit - September 2017


Ravensmere Class 1 and Class 2 got to visit the Fire Station last week. Here are some pictures from their visit.





Science Experiments - June 2017


Class 2 were investigating which car would go fastest or furthest  down different ramps.


They used different angles and materials.



Living Eggs - 13th March 2017


We have had a very exciting start to the week in Class 2, On Monday we had the arrival of our living eggs! The eggs arrived along side an incubator which is specially designed for classroom hatching. We will have the eggs with us for the next two weeks and are looking forward to meeting the chicks!