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Welcome to Class 1!


Under the Sea Glossary - June 2018


In English we chose six words and made an Under the Sea Glossary. It was tricky putting them in alphabetical order!





Counting in 5's - June 2018


We have been learning to count in 5's in Class 1.


We went outside and made fantastic number patterns.



Gardening - May 2018


We have planted peas, carrots, potatoes, beans and parsnips ready for harvesting later in the summer - yum yum!!







3D Shape Hunt - May 2018


Our class had great fun finding 3D shapes in our school. We even discovered that Mrs Bartrum's handbag was a cube!




2D Monster Shape Hunt - May 2018


Class 1 went outside in the sunshine to locate various 2D monsters, they then had to name them and list their properties.



Dragonologists - May 2018


A dragon has lost her eggs in our playground!  Our class had to go and find them.  They also had to design a map showing which way the dragon had to go to locate them. 


We had great fun and we produced some fantastic maps. 


Well done!





Spring Poems - May 2018


Here are a few of Class 1's finished Spring Poems.


The children wrote some fantastic lines using adjectives. They are brilliant!


Well done Class 1!





Spring Walk - April 2018


Class 1 went on a Spring walk outside to inspire their creative minds to write some fabulous poems!


We had a great time and even found a lamb (well a cuddly one!!!)







Norwich Castle - March 2018


On Thursday 8th March, Ravensmere Infant School visited Norwich Castle as part of their learning on Castles.


We had a fantastic time meeting some of the residents of the castle and learning all about what life was like living in the castle.


The children had the opportunity to handle and explore various objects that were several hundred years old as well as having a go at making their own pennant. They also learnt what it was like to work in the castle and about the types of jobs that different people had.


We all had a brilliant day and have enjoyed bringing what we learnt on the trip back in to the classroom.




Little Red Riding Hood - March 2018


Class 1 have been learning the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  We have acted out the story and performed it to our class. 


We were brilliant!



World Book Day - March 2018


Due to the heavy snow, we rescheduled our World Book Day for Friday 9th March and were so impressed with the amount of children that were able to come to school in such fantastic costumes!


The children also took part in some book themed activities throughout the day!







Rockets - February 2018


As part of their topic on space, Class 1 and Class 2 designed and made rockets.


They began by making a prototype which they tested using the stomp rocket. They then made their final design using what they had learnt from their prototype.


The children went on to measure the distance their rocket travelled and then answered questions relating to everyone’s results.




Light and Dark - January 2018


As part of their ongoing learning on space, Class 1 and Class 2 took part in  a morning of scientific investigations, including an experiment on  light and dark.


The children were encouraged to make predictions about which materials would best block the light.


They then tested their materials by making a den with each material and seeing which blocked most of the light.



Alien Crash Landing - 30th January 2018


Ravensmere got a surprise this week as an alien spaceship crash landed in their playground!


The children approached the spaceship very carefully and listened to see if they could hear anything inside it.


They then cordoned off the area and made signs to let the aliens know they were welcome and not to be scared!




Alien Crash Landing

Still image for this video

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - 30th November 2017


On 30th November Class 1 and Class 2 were lucky enough to visit the Norwich Playhouse to see a production of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.


All the children had a lovely time and really enjoyed the production!





Extreme Weather - November 2017


Class 1 were all Metereologists and delivered the weather forecast to everyone!



Children in Need Share Morning - 17th November 2017


Class 1 had a lovely morning on Friday 17th November. Parents were invited to a Children in Need Share Morning, giving them the chance to take part in several Pudsey themed activities with the children.


Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend!





Firework Share Morning - November 2017


Here are some photos and videos of Class 1 on our Firework Share morning.






Still image for this video


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Owl Reading Nest - October 2017


Class 1 have been studying Owls. They have built a fabulous Owl Reading Nest in the Classroom , which displays information about owls on the outside, and a comfy place to sit and read on the inside!




They also had to do a Home Learning Project about owls over the half term holiday, which have now been displayed in the classroom.



A big thank you to all the parents that helped the children with their projects!


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Look at our amazing display in Class 1 that shows some of our work on the Great Fire of London!

Maths - October 2017


This half term we have been concentrating on learning numbers. We have ordered, written and recognised numbers to 20 and then to 100.




We have also been using Modroc to make plaster casts of our feet. We then made a 'feet' number line for use in our classroom.




Class one Topic - The Great Fire of London - October 2017


This half term out topic is 'The Great Fire of London'.


First we had to discover where London is. We looked at maps and famous landmarks in the UK.




Then following on from our visit to the Fire Station, we had to design and then build a Fire Engine.






Autumn Poems - October 2017


In English Class 1 have been writing Autumn Poems. We went on an Autumn walk to get some inspiration for our poems. We used our senses to describe the signs of Autumn, we also had an Autumn spotter sheet and made Autumn crowns.




When we came back to school we worked in pairs to think of some fantastic adjectives to describe Autumn.




We then wrote individual poems for our display.



The Story of Mrs Wishy Washy - September 2017


For English, Class 1 have been looking at the story of Mrs Wishy Washy.


We used puppets to retell the story.




Then we acted out the story. It was great fun!



Fire Station Visit - September 2017


Ravensmere Class 1 and Class 2 got to visit the Fire Station last week. Here are some pictures from their visit.








Class 1 Batmobile


As part of their Superhero Topic, class 1 were given the challenge of building a Batmobile. They had to arrange themselves into two groups and then design and build a Batmobile.


Both groups worked brilliantly, listening to each other’s ideas and working together to build their designs, resulting in two fantastic Batmobiles!


“We used rubber tubes to put the ceiling up and put bean bags on crates so that we had comfy seats. It was really good”.


Well done Class 1!



Animal Classification - March 2017


Class 1 have been learning all about Animal Classification and have displayed this lovely board of all their work in the classroom!



Class 1 Cafe - March 2017


Class 1 have been learning about Money in Mathematics and have been reading 'The Tiger that Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr in Literature this term, so they decided to pull both together and create The Tiger that Came to Tea Cafe in their classroom! 


Hedgehog Topic


Ravensmere class one have been learning all about hedgehogs. The children had to research them at home.


Look at the fantastic results, many thanks for all your support.